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Our coffee is certified organic and primarily fair trade.  We offer five different roasts of coffee.  Our Light Blend is a classic breakfast style coffee with a bright pop of flavor and a mellow ending.  Our Medium Blend is three organic coffees blended for a light bodied cup distinguished by a bright flavor up front and a mild finish.  Our Dark Blend is a west-coast roast style which makes this coffee deep, rich and robust.  Crafted from South American and Indonesian coffees, this blend is memorable.  Our Decaf Blend is a hearty decaf that offers a great well-rounded flavor without the caffeine and is water-processed to retain the original flavor of the beans.  Our Espresso is a rich blend of organic coffees that brings an intense flavor and has a robust depth and subtle sweet chocolate notes that offer a memorable taste.

Our Coffee Menu

Hot or Ice

Coffee of the Day
Cappuccino: espresso • steamed milk • foam
Latte: espresso • steamed milk • foam
Americano: espresso • hot water
Mondo: espresso • coffee
Mocha: espresso • steamed milk • chocolate
White Mocha: espresso • steamed milk • white chocolate
Milky Way: mocha • caramel • hazelnut
Snickers: mocha • caramel • peanut butter
Peppermint Patty: mocha • peppermint
Almond Joy: mocha • coconut • almond
Carmella: latte • vanilla • caramel
Razmataz: mocha • raspberry
Cafe Au Lait: coffee • steamed milk
Breve: espresso • steamed half-half

Add Ons

Extra Shot of Espresso
Flavored Syrup
Soy Milk
Iced or Frozen Javas

All coffee and espresso drinks can be regular or decaf upon request
*snickers, almond joy, peppermint patty and milky way are registered trademarks held by each of their respected companies

Coffee Alternative

Chai Tea
Chai Smoothie
Homemade Hot Chocolate
Hot, Iced Tea
Milk Steamers steamed milk-flavored syrup
Hot Apple Cider