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Nu Cafe is a gathering place for the local community.  Here you can relax, meet a friend and enjoy wonderful, healthy and fresh offerings.  During the day you will find the place full of people using the free wifi, having meetings, or just relaxing and reading a book.  At night enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and sip on local and craft beers and wine.

So why did we pick the name NU Cafe? Well there are actually two reasons because to us it has a double meaning. The first is that we wanted to bring you something “NU” and fresh. We brought everything we enjoy in dining out and put our spin on it, while creating an atmosphere to match. The second is a bit risque..NU translates from French as ‘naked’ or ‘nude’. (No we’re not changing our uniforms and making it 21+!) Nude as in free from all the junk… our coffee is  certified organic as well as fair trade whenever possible, our fruit smoothies are made with real, whole fruits and real juice. We like to use the real stuff to help you feel good, naturally. Our food is made to order with the freshest ingredients. Here’s to “A NU way to cafe!” Cheers.